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Royal Dutch Shell to Begin Arctic Drilling Again

It was in 2012 when the Kulluk drifted aground in the Gulf of Alaska. The drill barge was key to Dutch Shell’s oil exploration efforts in the Arctic, and had operated since 1983 when it was commissioned in Japan. Now, almost three years later, Royal Dutch Shell is back. This time they carry the approval of the Obama administration, and the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM).

Although there was no ecological disaster in 2012 when the Kulluk drill barge was grounded, the question of safety remains ever present. With the new… Continue reading

Welding on a Rig

In the oil industry there are two main welding positions available in today’s market.rig welders Permanent, or maintenance welders and traveling, or “fly squad welders”. The permanent positions usually involve living on the rig with the rest of the crew. Responsibilities include repair work on the equipment and structures, as well as the construction of new structures.

“Fly Squad” welders generally work for a sub-contracting company or are self-employed. If you are interested in this type of welding get ready for a lot of travel. Even more than is required with other industry jobs. This type of welding position involves going… Continue reading

How Will Falling Oil Prices Affect You

“Falling Oil Prices “, “Layoffs in the Oilfields”, “Oil Companies Likely to Fail” – those are just a few of the headlines the news media is splashing all over newspapers, radio, TV and the Internet. But as always, fear sells newspapers!

This doesn’t mean the whole industry is shutting down or even that the company you work for, or want to work for, has stopped hiring and is laying people off.

However, it might just mean that it’s time for you to put together a strategy just in case yours is one of the companies that will be hit by… Continue reading

5 Ways to Get Your Commercial Driving License

Getting into the oil industry isn’t always easy, especially in areas where everyone wants to work or in hot spots where employers can be picky about who they employ. But there are ways in which you can stack the deck in your favor and gain an advantage over the competition, namely by getting your CDL (Commercial Drivers License) before you start applying for jobs.

Whether in Ohio, Texas or North Dakota, the fracking industry needs lots of drivers with a CDL because all their equipment and machinery has to be brought in by truck, the water, chemicals and sand used,… Continue reading

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Oil & Other Jobs In Dubai

Are you looking for an interesting job overseas?  With the right skills, you could get one of the many different summer jobs in Dubai or possibly one of the available graduate jobs in Dubai. In this part of the world there are many opportunities for everything from the high profile jobs that require specialized skills all the way down to the positions that unskilled workers can do. These jobs offer both permanent and temporary employment.

What Types of Jobs Are Needed?

Websites featuring Dubai jobs are among the first places to look for what types of jobs are available. For instance, if you’re searching for Dubai jobs in IT, check to see which major IT companies operate in the area. Once you’ve found that information, you can find out more about specific jobs, where the vacancies are and how many there actually are. Email is probably the quickest and easiest way to get this information or you could telephone the company in question. You’ll then need to get your resume in order, be sure you gear it towards the specific position you want. The competition for jobs in Dubai is stiff particularly as most of these jobs pay quite well.

The Tax-Free Status Lures Applicants

dubai skylineJobs in Dubai are highly coveted because it is a tax-free region. This great for job seekers. Some people will take a short-term job, earn a tax-free salary and send it home to their native country. Then, when the job has finished, they’ve had the excellent experience of working overseas (good on your resume!), as well as earning good money that’s not taxed.

By doing a Google search, you can find information on specific positions like driver jobs in Dubai or nursing jobs in Dubai as well as finding agencies or companies that deal specifically with recruitment for Dubai. They can help you find listings for specialized jobs which require more technical skills such as occupational therapy jobs in Dubai and help you with the other aspects of living in Dubai.

Once you have found the right agency, look for the potential employer on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to get the name of a person to contact. This will vastly improve the chances of your resume reaching the person doing the hiring or working directly with the potential employer. Continue reading

Apprenticeships – An Alternative Route into the Oil and Gas Industry


The industry organisation – OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation) – oversees the industry’s safety standards and training.

It provides training on several different levels and the Upstream Technician Training Scheme is their modern apprenticeship programme.

Through this programme, and others, they ensure that the industry has a steady stream of trained, skilled, competent, and safe workers.

This training programme involves many different employers within the whole of the oil and gas industry and offers young people an opportunity to gain the knowledge, skills and qualifications that they, and the industry, need for doing the jobs of offshore… Continue reading

How to Find an Oil Well Job Online

Your search for an oil well job starts with research and deep introspection. You will find jobs located throughout the U.S. as well as in Canada, so you first have to determine where you would prefer to work.

Are you free to travel anywhere that a job is offered? Or are you set on working in a particular state? You will find jobs in Texas and other areas near the Gulf of Mexico, but you can also find jobs in more distant states like North Dakota.

Once you determine where you would like to work, you can find an oil… Continue reading

What is Fracking a Well?

Hydraulic fracturing, better known as “fracking” is a drilling technique in which sand and chemicals are mixed into water and injected into horizontal wells that have been drilled into shale formations. The injection of this mixture is done at very high rate of pressure and it causes the formation of fissures in the bed of shale. The grains of sand embed themselves into the fissures, holding them open and releasing the natural gas that is trapped inside.

The mixture that is pumped into the shale bed is typically about 90% water, 9.5% sand, and 0.5% chemicals (usually just referred to… Continue reading

Oil Rig Work – What it Takes

Oil rig work is attractive because it offers a challenging experience, as well as pay rates that compete with some of the most highly skilled white-collar jobs. Pursuing a career in oil-rig work is a smart decision, but it’s not one that should be taken lightly. As lucrative as rig work is, it’s highly demanding and will only give back what you put in.

Even an entry level oil rig job won’t be a walk in the park, and can in some ways be the most demanding. If you want to maximize your chances of landing a job and finding… Continue reading

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