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Not All Oil Rig Jobs Require Experience

oil and gas jobsNot every job takes a vast array of learning. You can get jobs without having specific oil rig experience. Learn more about what it takes to get
hired on an oil rig and the kind of work that you may be doing. Then take steps to get your own oil job and secure your financial future. Consider this–an oil job isn’t going to just fall into your lap. You’re going to have to put forth some real effort to obtain that oil rig job. Taking steps to secure your own job is just good sense. You can find entry level oil jobs as well and other jobs that suit different levels of experience and qualifications. All it takes is knowing where to look.

Petroleum production companies are invited to add their current oil job vacancies to our listings. Whether they are entry level oil rig jobs or jobs needing more experience, you can find them here.With thousands of oil jobs available all over the world – the North Sea, the Middle East, Singapore, Alaska, Bakken, Ohio or Texas–the time is now to be submitting your resume and the jobs listed here are often exclusive to this website.

entry level oil jobs worldwideOil Rig Jobs in Other Countries

Oil and gas industry workers in good physical condition, are needed for an industry that is expanding all over the world. Even those with little or no experience can find entry level jobs that pay reasonably well, whether they have a college degree or just a high school diploma. Painters are just one of the entry level positions needed on every offshore oil rig.Because of the extreme environments of oil rigs in the North Sea, the Arctic, Nigeria, Angola, Russia, Australia, the Southern Atlantic or even the Gulf of Mexico, offshore oil rigs will always need people to do painting, rig maintenance, safety checks and general laboring jobs.

Starting with entry level painting jobs, a person who is willing to work hard can use this as a spring board to move into other oil rig jobs such as roughneck, roustabout or even drilling roustabout. Offshore painting jobs start at $45,000+/year, depending on skill and experience.

oil rig job openingsTake Matters into Your Own Hands

Oil jobs are out there by the thousands, but consider this–you can send your resume in to resume submission companies or spend hours in search to no avail. why waste time on fly-by night resume submissions that never really work.Take matters into your own hands and use a company that has proven results. Give yourself the best chance of attaining the job that you want. Today just may be the day that you get the job of your dreams.

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