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Consider this–an oil job isn’t going to just fall into your lap. You’re going to have to put forth some real effort to obtain that job or any job. Taking steps to secure your own future is just good sense. You can find entry level oil jobs as well and other jobs that suit different levels of experience and qualifications on the oil rig. All it takes is knowing where to look.

Oil Rig Jobs Guide Experts Can Help

John McTiernan spent years working on the oil rigs for one of the biggest oil companies in the world. He has a little guidance about how you can qualify to do the same thing. Need a hand prepping your resume? We can help you with that too. If you’re serious about looking for a job, we’re serious about helping you find it.

Tom Drake spent years as a driller for a well known Pennsylvania oil company. He also brings his insights and information to the site to add to the mixture. Tom and John are willing to answer your questions and help you to find the kind of job in oil rig work that you might enjoy.

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The Most Up and Coming Oil Production Jobs Since the prehistoric times, oil has been used for various tasks including heating, lubricating and even for healing the body. As the centuries went by, an industry blossomed from it. In the United States, the discovery of oil in Oil Creek, Pennsylvania (1859) made the country the […]

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It was in 2012 when the Kulluk drifted aground in the Gulf of Alaska. The drill barge was key to Dutch Shell’s oil exploration efforts in the Arctic, and had operated since 1983 when it was commissioned in Japan. Now, almost three years later, Royal Dutch Shell is back. This time they carry the approval […]

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Need a little help prepping your resume for a new job? Oil Rig Jobs Guide offers you helpful tips on preparing your resume.

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Do you have all of the addresses that you need to send out multiple resumes? Oil Rig Jobs Guide can help you to find the right place to which to send your resume.

The Oil Rig Jobs Guide offers you some free information about the oil rigs and how they operate as well as the major companies to which you would send a resume and the contact information and emails that you need to know to send those resumes. It gives you the basic criteria for each job and how you’d go about applying for it.

If you’re serious about looking for oil field jobs, the names, addresses and information that you need are in the Oil Rig Jobs Guide along with valuable insights into how you want to apply and the kind of followup that will serve you best to get your oil rig job. John worked on the major offshore rigs for years and he has a lot to offer about the oil rig jobs and the kind of people who get them.

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Oil and gas industry workers in good physical condition, are needed for an industry that is expanding all over the world. Even those with little or no experience can find entry level jobs that pay reasonably well, whether they have a college degree or just a high school diploma.

Painters are just one of the entry level positions needed on every offshore oil rig.

Because of the extreme environments of oil rigs in the North Sea, the Arctic, Nigeria, Angola, Russia, Australia, the Southern Atlantic or even the Gulf of Mexico, offshore oil rigs will always need people to do painting, rig maintenance, safety checks and general laboring jobs.

Most of these jobs are positions that you can do with very little training. There are some criterion in place such as good overall general health and being a self starter, but you can get an oil rig position without a lot of training. Of course if you choose to do some training, there are a wide range of schools that will offer that training to you which will increase your chances of getting a more lucrative and interesting position on the oil rigs.

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